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Artist's Statement

cloverpatchwork is an effort to document my experiences searching for four-leaf clovers. My goal is to inspire others to search for clovers and empower people with knowledge to facilitate those searches.

clover: Clovers are noble plants. They are downtrodden, sometimes even deliberately destroyed, but they remain unrelentingly resilient and opportunistic. They are ubiquitous, but often forgotten and ignored.It is only when one pauses, lowers to the ground, and addresses the clover directly that it becomes apparent that each plant, is unique and has its own story to tell.

patch: Clovers do not grow like cities and streets, they do not run in parallel from North to South and East to West. Instead, they spread outward as an interconnected web or to wherever the wind will carry their seeds. Because clovers are so unlike cities and street, it would be impossible, and inaccurate to map them as such, using systematic, inorganic methods. Instead one must document them as they are; patches sewn into the fabric of all life on earth.

work: In presenting these maps, photos, writings, and other documentation the goal is not to present objects to be observed and appreciated alone. Everything presented here is mean to inspire and provide the resources to make it possible for you to experience the wonders that lay hidden within clover patches, the calm of searching, the exhilaration of finding. One learns to see a crowd for each individual, and to then see from amongst that myriad of individuals, the one.

It is my singular hope that by documenting and sharing my experiences searching for four-leaf clover that I can convince and inspire you to join me in my continuing search.


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