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Any design problem has a vast multitude of possible solutions. The challenge is in finding the solution which, while composed of the same elements as all the others, represents something wholly different and unique. My design philosophy is based on this search for unique and individual solutions. Design is like the search for clovers; it requires great attention to detail and at the same time an awareness of how many, many things fit together as a whole. It takes time, patience, thoroughness and a little bit of luck.



art & design Uses a maze as a visual metaphor for the decisions one must make in college in choosing what path to take in life.

butterfly earth Climate change awareness piece which uses 'the butterfly effect' to make the viewer consider their own impact on the Earth.

cascade of colors Colorful promotional poster for the Cascade of Colors hot air balloon festival featuring a dense montage of various hot air balloons.

idoru Book jacket for the cyber-punk novel Idoru by William Gibson. Design uses 'magic eye' images of spirals embedded in static to convey the ability of the books protagonist to see patterns within data-sets.

senior exhibition Poster for the Senior Exhibition 2008, where all graduation seniors in the SIU School of Art and Design show their thesis work.

singularity Wine bottle label concept for a wine bottled at the beginning of time and aged 13 billion years.

soda board Billboards which slice and rearrange the logos of popular soda brands giving them new meaning.



color Study in typographic layout and the impact of color.

horsepower Deals with information design and demonstrates overprinting.

silence A piece which conveys meaning and information without text.



afraid Typography can be a bit frightening at times; an experiment in interactive type.

clover search Flash game where you can search for a four-leaf clover. The number of three leaf clovers is set by you so you can adjust the difficulty, the more three leaf clovers you add the hard it becomes!

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